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Rocking and rolling in our H-Van kitchen

Our H Van kitchen purred its way to the Hard Rock Festival and back last weekend and was loved by all in the VIP area at the Olympic Park. The hard rock chefs turned the van into a special fish and chip van for the weekend and served hundreds of VIP festival goers, musicians and celebrities.

H-Van in the Hard Rock VIP area      H-Van in festival VIP area       H-Van at Hard Rock Music Festival

Just a day later the fish and chip theme continued from a very different location. We arrived at the offices of DB Schenkar in Felixstowe to serve seventy of there staff a special lunch from our H Van kitchen. We received lots of great feedback for the food, our H van kitchen, as well as the way that we just rocked up, served the food and drove away.  We are finding that a number of our clients are asking us to serve in this way, which creates theatre, with the chef cooking in front of everyone, and provides high quality food in almost any setting.

 H-Van kitchen corporate lunch      H-Van Kitchen to your business premises

Every Friday we pull up at the Colchester business park to serve a lunchtime treat, this week was no different.  Our menu included our special Bouquet Garni gourmet burger, peppered steak, lamb kofta, chicken fillets and halloumi cheese in wraps aa well as some delicious salads including beetroot and samphire and bulgar wheat with chilli and soy. If that wasn’t enough, to follow we served chocolate brownie, strawberries and cream and a selection of frozen yoghurts.



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