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The bride and groom from a wedding last week requested we serve a ‘Champagne Bowler’ cocktail to their guests.


* 1/4 oz strawberry puree

* 1/2 oz simple syrup

* 1/2 oz cognac

* 1 oz white wine

* 4 oz sparkling wine

* Strawberry for garnish


Add all the ingredients into a jug, multiple the quantities by the number of glasses you wish to make.

Mix well.

Pour into a champagne flute over ice.

Garnish with a strawberry.

The Champagne Bowler is a rather vineal cocktail as three of its five ingredients are based on the grape. It is a wine cocktail that dates to at least the 1930's and 40's and uses both a white wine (i.e. a Chardonnay) and cognac topped with a sparkling wine, but it is another fruit that lays the background. It is a mash of sweetened strawberries that make the Bowler fantastic, and with it being served without straining the drinker gets the full effect of those berries.without straining the drinker gets the full effect of those berries.

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