Drinks quantities for your event

We would recommend the following quantities of drinks for every ten guests. Therefore if you are expecting one hundred guests please multiply all quantities by ten. We suggest you require the following quantities from each of the three sections.
(approximate length of time, 1.5 hours)
Alcoholic Drinks (for every 10 guests)
The figures below assume that you will be offering one alcoholic option, If you intend to serve a choice of two alcoholic drinks then please half the total quantities required of each.
Pimms: 1.25 litres or 1.75 bottles (70cl) of Pimms 3.75 litres of Lemonade
Bucks Fizz: 2.5 litres of Orange juice 2.5 litres or 3.5 bottles (70cl) of Sparkling Wine
Champagne / Sparkling Wine: 5 bottles (70cl)
Mulled wine: 4 litres or 5.5 bottles (70cl) of inexpensive wine 1 litres of orange juice
As well as the above alcoholic drinks we suggest that you provide approximately 2.5litres of a soft alternative, for example orange juice.
The following quantities are again based on 10 guests for a 3 course meal lasting approximately two hours.
3.5 bottles of white wine and 3.5 bottles of red wine
4 bottles of still mineral water
4 bottles of sparkling mineral water
Alternatively we can put jugs of tap water with ice and lemon on the table free of charge.
There are 6-7 glasses in a standard bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. Therefore divide the number of guests by 6 and this will be the number of bottles required.
Please note that the above figures are intended only as a guide, we are very aware that the quantities of alcohol consumed vary greatly between functions.