Corporate Lunch - Case Study

Numbers: 30

Venue: Local business premises

Description: A local business organised a networking event at its offices. 

A professional and impressive lunch was required; however there were no facilities for catering and our client wanted to make an impact. We stepped in to produce a beautifully presented and delicious buffet that was delivered fifteen minutes before it was required, along with all the plates and glasses. Later that afternoon, at an agreed time, we arrived to collect all the used equipment.

Cesar Salad on a Little Gem Leaf
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables
Pita Bread with a Selection of Fillings
Vietnamese Chicken Salad
Corn Cakes with Courgette and Onion Confit
Marinated Seared Tuna
Selection of Crudities
Roast Pepper, Feta and Mint Dip
Italian Flatbread with Sun Blush Tomato and Basil
Goat's Cheese, Rocket and Tomato Compote
Olives and Roasted Nuts
Vegetable Crisps