Tudor Banquet - Case Study

Numbers: 60

Venue: Layer Marney Tower

Description: A memorable birthday celebration set against a traditional Tudor backdrop.

As the guests arrived, our staff, dressed in elegant Tudor outfits, served a selection of time-honoured canapés and drinks while guests enjoyed some traditional Tudor entertainment. During the evening Bouquet Garni served a three-course meal, which included platters of hearty Tudor food, whilst guests were seated at a banquet table in the elegant and palatial Long Gallery of Layer Marney tower. 


Canapés (Served on platters in the courtyard)
Roasted Chicken Winglets
Marinated Loin of Venison Skewer
Wild Mushroom Tartlet with Parmesan Cheese
Apricots and Prunes Wrapped in Bacon
Miniature Salmon en Croute
Roasted Asparagus
Tartlet with Smoked Eel
Game Terrine with a Redcurrant Sauce
Carved by our chefs and served to guests at the table
Whole Roasted Hog
Placed on the Banquet Table
Fillet of Salmon with a Watercress Sauce
Roasted Rib of Beef
Roasted Winter Vegetables
Leek and Potato Boulangere
Baked Potatoes
Poached Pear in White Wine with Roasted Almonds
Elderflower Posset in a Biscuit Basket


Mulled wine (Served in goblets)
Red wine
White wine

Table Plan

A single banquet table stretching the length of the Long Gallery draped with hessian.